Getting started with dashboards

Dashboards are a powerful way to monitor and take action on your security data. Within minutes, you can create a new dashboard without writing a single line of code or paying for custom development.

Creating a new dashboard
First, navigate to the admin console by clicking the “Admin console” text button from the left side panel or by clicking the Perygee logo in the top left. If you’re already in the admin console, make sure “Dashboards” is selected from the left menu.

From there, click the “New dashboard” button in the top right. This will create a new dashboard and open a blank canvas where you can begin to customize with drag and drop widgets.

Editing a dashboard
There are two ways you can edit an existing dashboard:

  1. From the home page, select the dashboard you want to edit. Then click the “Edit page” button in the top right. This will open the Dashboard Builder where you can make and save your changes.
  2. From the admin console, select “Dashboards” from the menu on the left. From the “Actions” column click the “Edit” button to open the Dashboard Builder. Make and save your changes.

Duplicating a dashboard
Want to create a new dashboard, but don’t want to start from scratch? You can simply duplicate an existing dashboard by first navigating to the admin console.

Make sure you have “Dashboards” selected from the left menu and then identify the dashboard you wish to duplicate. Open the dropdown menu from the “Actions” column and select “Duplicate dashboard.” A copy of the dashboard will be created.

Archiving a dashboard
Archiving a dashboard will remove it from the home page. You can archive a dashboard from the admin console. Open the dropdown menu from the “Actions” column and select “Archive.”

If you need to restore an archived dashboard, click the “Browse archived dashboards” button in the top right. This will reveal all the dashboards that have been previously archived. Simply click the “Restore” button to make it visible again.