Getting started with Perygee

Perygee is a complete and lightweight platform for IoT and OT security. Built on top of a robust and customizable data layer, the no-code interface enables security teams to quickly create dashboards and configure automations to manage critical workflows. In addition, the multi-functional platform design enables interoperability between teams, which is paramount for organizations to successfully manage IT/OT convergence.

Navigating the platform
The Perygee platform consists of several modules: workflows, automations, integrations, and data modeling. Navigation between these major modules is done using the left-side panel.

At the top of the left-side panel you can search for almost anything in the Perygee platform using our integrated search and command palette. You can also import data using the blue import button.

The major modules, such as automations, queries, and integrations, are accessible from the upper half of the left-side panel. Note that some less-common modules are available within the “More” list item, allowing you to accomplish tasks like adding new people to your organization.

Your workflows, which include dashboards, spreadsheets, and forms, are always available in the lower section of the left-side panel. Note that this list can be arranged by favoriting workflows that are most useful. The list of favorites is a per-user setting.