Getting started with automations

Automations are created to enhance, not replace, the work of security professionals. From mundane to mission-critical, entire workflows (or in part) can be streamlined and human errors minimized. With Perygee’s no-code tools, in just a few steps you can build your own automations.


Creating a new automation
First, navigate to the admin console by clicking the “Admin console” text button from the left side panel or by clicking the Perygee logo in the top left. Then click “Automations” from the left menu. If you’re already in the admin console, make sure “Automations” is selected.

From there, click the “New automation” button in the top right. This will open a modal where you can enter the name of the automation and select the type of automation you want to create. The type of automation is determined by the triggering event, which includes:

  • When webhook received
  • When vulnerability detected
  • When device discovered
  • When device seen
  • When anomalous behavior detected
  • On time interval
  • When item added
  • When item attribute changed
  • Organization events

After selecting a triggering event, a description of the event and its output variables will be shown on the right. Finally, select the “Create Automation” button in the top right to open the Automation Builder. The event node will be automatically added to the canvas from which you can start designing your workflow by adding new actions. Note that by default automations are inactive until you toggle them on from the right side panel in the editing view or from the table of automations in the admin console.


Editing an automation
From the admin console, select “Automations” from the menu on the left. Then from the “Actions” column click the “Edit” button to open the Automation Builder. Make and save your changes.

Duplicating an automation
Want to create a new automation, but don’t want to start from scratch? You can simply duplicate an existing automation by first navigating to the admin console.

Select “Automations” from the left menu and then identify the automation you wish to duplicate. Open the dropdown menu from the “Actions” column and select “Duplicate automation.” A copy of the automation will be created and the Automation Builder opened.

Archiving an automation
You can archive an automation from the admin console. Open the dropdown menu from the “Actions” column and select “Archive.”

If you need to restore an archived automation, click the “Browse archived automations” button in the top right. This will reveal all the automations that have been previously archived. Simply click the “Restore” button to make it visible again.