Adding people to your organization

Perygee is designed to bring together all of an organization’s security data as well as the individuals and teams that are responsible for stewarding a successful security program. To that end, this article shows you how to invite relevant stakeholders to your organization in Perygee so they can view, analyze, or take action on the rich data available to them.


Inviting people to your organization
First, navigate to the admin console by clicking the “Admin console” text button from the left side panel or by clicking the Perygee logo in the top left. Then click “Organization” from the left menu. If you’re already in the admin console, make sure “Organization” is selected.

Finally, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your organization and then click the invite button. An email will immediately be sent with instructions to join your organization. Note that there is a one week expiration on the invite link from the time the invite was created. If the original invite link expires, the invitee can go to the Perygee login page and following the magic link steps or the forgot password steps. Both options will send the person another email with a corresponding link to the correct destination in the platform.